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Life and Stuff

This week is the first time I’ve had time off from work in six months. I needed a road trip – badly.  Getting out of town in the dead of winter on limited funds left me with few options.  So … Continue reading

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Weren’t You The Guy Wearing Handcuffs At Graduation?

I was a bright autumn day when I made my way south towards Massachusetts, towards my high school reunion.  It had been almost 31 years since I had graduated high school.  Most people dread the idea of attending their high … Continue reading

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Middle-Age Head Goes Abroad

Hello…..I’m a Middle-Age Head and I am a college flunk-out.  Twice. Yes, gentle reader, I managed to flunk out of college twice. I’m not proud of that fact, but it’s a part of my life.  The first time I became … Continue reading

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Hot Fun In The Summertime

When summer days are this hot for longer than a week, life can almost come to a dead stop.  The heat taps every last bit of energy and ambition from your body.  You don’t want to do anything, don’t want … Continue reading

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In The Pines

The Muses have again taken flight, leaving me grasping for words and thoughts.  It is possible that the thoughts I’ve been having lack a certain spark, enough so I could react and comment on them.  Maybe not…wait for it….I think … Continue reading

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Just Like Riding a Bicycle

I haven’t done this in years, I mutter to myself.  Put one foot on the pedal, swing the other leg over and start peddling.  Easy to remember, right? Did  you think I would fall flat on my ass?  No. For the longest … Continue reading

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The Sounds of…..

Awhile back, I posted my opinions about cellphones being the new security blanket. Check that.  Make it iPods are the new security blanket.  You can tell who’s tuned out.  It’s the white cord from the ear buds draped across the chest.  … Continue reading

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I’m Outta Here

I’m on VACATION!!!! This is my favorite time of year to get away.  All the tourists have gone home, so I won’t be fighting crowds.  I hope to get some time in on my bike.  But I could change my … Continue reading

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