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Finally, Winter has come to the coast…and to the rest of the state.  We received 8-14 inches of snow, while inland towns received 16 inches of fresh powder.  Now that the snow has come and gone, the cold has arrived … Continue reading

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Happy Halloween!  I am enjoying a sunny, windy day here on the coast.  The trees are brilliant with color this year – crimson, burnt orange, and golden leaves.  It’s the reason why I love autumn. I’ve decided on a Halloween … Continue reading

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Take Care

Is it terrible that I can’t remember any of my childhood dreams.  Those dreams that come to mind while laying in a hammock under a tree, staring up through the leaves.  What did I want to be, to where did … Continue reading

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Giving Props

I believe in spreading the love.  There are good people out there, writing interesting things and expressing interesting opinions.  I want to be able to direct you to them because I think they are worthy of your attention. My friends, … Continue reading

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Work With Me, Baby

It’s amazing the things that occur when you step outside into the world. My intent was to walk up to the hospital and use the fax machine for some insurance documents.  I decided to bring along my camera, since I’m … Continue reading

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A Time For Endings, A Time For Beginnings

2009 has been quite a ride.  It’s been challenging, stressful, enlightening, glorious, somewhat spectacular, and never boring. It got a bit manic for awhile, somewhat depressing at times, but never dull. I did a great deal of soul searching.  I … Continue reading

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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Uh, oh…here comes another rant.  Don’t worry, this one is justified. I love Christmas music, especially the sacred music that doesn’t get played to death.  Some people prefer Handel’s Messiah, others like the Bach Christmas Oratorio.  I prefer carols.  Especially … Continue reading

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