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Your Cake and Eat It

For those expecting to read about my escapist adventures on my birthday, the sexual marathon with a gorgeous brunette, or about the shedding of an old half-century and preparing for a new one – sorry.  Nothing happened of any signifigance or … Continue reading

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Happy Halloween!  I am enjoying a sunny, windy day here on the coast.  The trees are brilliant with color this year – crimson, burnt orange, and golden leaves.  It’s the reason why I love autumn. I’ve decided on a Halloween … Continue reading

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More Bits and Pieces

Not much worth commenting about, so I’ll throw out some of the bits clogging up my Middle-Aged Head: – Reason #37 why it sucks to be single:  when you have a stiff neck or sore shoulder, there is no one … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, I Think

Today is the second anniversary of my divorce.  I can remember that day, standing with my ex- in front of the judge, watching almost twenty years of a relationship disappear in a heartbeat.  I remember wandering through downtown, just walking … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts On A Spring Day

In what world is it normal to be indoors on a warm, sunny Spring day?  Even for a couple of hours? No world I’ve experienced, but I wanted to get these thoughts down before they caught a breeze and flew … Continue reading

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Strike Two

I did something unexpected yesterday.  I was in the Man Cave, hunting through boxes and looking for some old photos, and I found The Box. The Box is where I put all the photos, notes, letters, cards and ephemera from … Continue reading

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So, What’s Your Sign?

I’m not sure how this ranks on the bizarro scale, but I thought it to be right up there. I love watching hockey.  My Son, Daughter and their mother are also big fans.  Last night I met The Ex- to … Continue reading

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A Time For Endings, A Time For Beginnings

2009 has been quite a ride.  It’s been challenging, stressful, enlightening, glorious, somewhat spectacular, and never boring. It got a bit manic for awhile, somewhat depressing at times, but never dull. I did a great deal of soul searching.  I … Continue reading

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Running In Circles

I checked my L.L. Bean schedule for the next couple of weeks.  I am working six days straight, one day off, then four days. OUCH!  What makes it painful is that my out time is MIDNIGHT, and I have to … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Find It, Even If I Have To Keep Looking When I’m Dead

On to the next challenge….. Get a Life I never thought I’d be using that phrase on myself but, at the point in time, it applies to me.  It’s been an on-going struggle for me since my separation in ’07. … Continue reading

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