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No Over-The-Hill Party For Me

TODAY IS THE DAY! Bring on the dancing girls!  Bring on the barbeque!  Bring on Fearless Freep!! I believe John and Paul said it best, (bah bah bahnah nah nahnah nah nah) You say it’s your birthday, (bah bah bahnah nah … Continue reading

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Hmmmm…So Much Music, So Much Sand

Wow!  Compiling this list is much harder than I thought.  I am still paring down my choices.  Last night I went through my CD’s, trying to put a list together.  I kept asking myself,  “Self, what music can you not … Continue reading

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I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind

Oh, gentle reader, music has been clogging up my brain. This is a very good thing.  Since starting therapy, I am learning to re-introduce the things about which I am passionate.  One of them is singing.  I find I am … Continue reading

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For my Grandmother:

Every so often, I’d like to comment on the music that’s  important in my life,  and the memories associated with it.  I continue to be astounded by the power of music.  I heard several piano pieces by  Franz Liszt one … Continue reading

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