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Oh, Before You Go…

I realize that I mentioned in the previous post I wouldn’t write about My Love.  But I have to share this. The reason she broke off our relationship was money. Apparently, I wasn’t the knight in shining armor she hoped … Continue reading

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All The Kings Horses…

That was quite the bomb that was dropped on me yesterday.  It actually ruined my mood for the entire day.  Yes, I know..I am the one that’s in control, and I am the one that can make changes so my … Continue reading

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It’s A Great Way To Start Your Day

Talk about a bombshell! I open my email before work and there’s a forward from my Facebook page.  It’s from My Love’s housemate.  I had chatted with her on Facebook a couple weeks ago.  Not sure what she had to … Continue reading

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From This Day Forth, She Shall Be Known As…

If you’ve been keeping up with the comings and goings of this little universe, I had asked what The Woman Who Broke My Heart should be called.  I didn’t want to give her name, nor did I want to give … Continue reading

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