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Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand

I learned something about the human spirit yesterday.  I’m certain that challenges such as this are presented for a reason. I was in need of cash and pulled into the credit union to use the ATM.  As I parked my … Continue reading

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Head Up, Heart Open

We all have epiphanies.  They are the reminders from The Universe,  that reveal to us those things that need our attention.  Sometimes it’s a simple solution to a challenge, other times it’s that Cosmic Dope Slap we need now and … Continue reading

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Up In The Air, Then Crashing Down

Yesterday, I went to the movies with My Daughter.  I love the Daddy/Daughter Time.  We used to do things together when she was young.  Now it’s just when she has the time.  Her tastes in movies are quite different from … Continue reading

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Each Time She Passes I Go, “Ahhhhh”

Yesterday was a day from hell. After leaving work and going to the library, I went home and shut down for the night.  Off came the work clothes and on came the sweats.  I know I had intended to go … Continue reading

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What Are You Still Doing Here?

At the moment, life sucks.  I am SO stuck in a rut it’s not funny. I think I’m wiggin’ out here – ( I know I’m not crazy) because, no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I … Continue reading

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My Heart and I Are At Odds

” ‘Cause what she’s doing now is tearing me apart    Filling up my mind and tearing up my heart”      — Garth Brooks “What She’s Doing Now” Usually, with the schedule I’ve been keeping lately, I haven’t got time … Continue reading

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Say You’re Sorry To The Nice Lady

I have been a bad boy. After posting yesterday, I checked my email and discovered a response from My Love.  I got the full lowdown on her reasons behind the breakup.  We are both at fault, but she is blaming … Continue reading

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