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Was ist los?

( trans.  What is this?  What’s happening? ) This will be a shortie.  It seems the pain in my shoulder has returned and I understand why.  To determine the cause, I type in my symptoms ( that’s too easy – … Continue reading

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Take Care

Is it terrible that I can’t remember any of my childhood dreams.  Those dreams that come to mind while laying in a hammock under a tree, staring up through the leaves.  What did I want to be, to where did … Continue reading

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Hot Fun In The Summertime

When summer days are this hot for longer than a week, life can almost come to a dead stop.  The heat taps every last bit of energy and ambition from your body.  You don’t want to do anything, don’t want … Continue reading

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Odds And Sods

A little homage to The Who, a band that always sounds great at top volume..anywhere, anytime.  Here are some bits that have been rattling around this Middle-Aged Head: I’ve been streaming an oldies station from Los Angeles, KRTH-FM,  while at … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Menu: A Mixed Grill

It is the end of the workday, but not the end of my week.  I would love to be able to sleep in tomorrow, maybe fix a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and go wherever thewind will take me. But, … Continue reading

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Just Ask The Rock and Roll Doctor’s Advice

You gotta have tunes!  Ever since college, I have been passionate about music.  Actually, I’ve been passionate about music from my infancy.  My mother used to play Johnny Mathis records while doing housework.  I distinctly being in my playpen and … Continue reading

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For my Grandmother:

Every so often, I’d like to comment on the music that’s  important in my life,  and the memories associated with it.  I continue to be astounded by the power of music.  I heard several piano pieces by  Franz Liszt one … Continue reading

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