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I Can See You

You like to watch, don’t you? Some people would call it being nosy, others would say inquisitive.  I’d say it’s voyeuristic. We all like to watch.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a parade or an accident on the interstate, we all … Continue reading

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Thoughts In The Shower

It’s amazing the things I think of when I’m taking a shower.  I pick up the bottle of body wash that’s designed with men in mind, and I wonder who determined how men should smell.  The I think, do I … Continue reading

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There Was A Farmer, Had A Dog

One of the realities of having children who play sports, is that you will have to pay for everything, sometimes through the nose.  It doesn’t matter what, but you do have to pay.  Shoes, socks, uniforms, travel, sports drinks, snacks … Continue reading

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