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No Strings Attached

I want to give you something.  A free gift.  No strings attached. Why is it that people are so concerned about giving “the perfect gift” at Christmas?  They frantically run from store to store, trying to find the one gift … Continue reading

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Your Cake and Eat It

For those expecting to read about my escapist adventures on my birthday, the sexual marathon with a gorgeous brunette, or about the shedding of an old half-century and preparing for a new one – sorry.  Nothing happened of any signifigance or … Continue reading

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Checking It Twice

In my previous post, I mentioned I was beginning to compile a “bucket list”.  I never saw the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jacks Nicholson, but the idea of the list had appeal.  For me, the list is tied into … Continue reading

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In The Cool Of The Evening

Before I start, I want to give props to a blogger I’ve recently discovered.  She calls herself  “dizzyblonde” and she blogs at confessionsofadizzyblonde.  I have added it to my blogroll and I encourage you to read it.  Lately, she has … Continue reading

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Let’s Do It Again…And Again

I have been playing catch-up with a friend in Germany.  I met her 31 years ago this month, and I recently found her on Facebook.  She is in a committed relationship and is the mother of a 7 year-old boy.  … Continue reading

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So, What’s Your Sign?

I’m not sure how this ranks on the bizarro scale, but I thought it to be right up there. I love watching hockey.  My Son, Daughter and their mother are also big fans.  Last night I met The Ex- to … Continue reading

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Please, Mr. Postman

The pain of a break-up is like a papercut:  it hurts like hell for awhile and takes longer to heal than you think.    That pain has subsided significantly over the past week.  After driving myself crazy last week, I decided … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Here are a few bits and pieces today, since I really don’t have much to write about. Kraft Foods has desecrated one of the finest British institutions.  The American food conglomerate bought Cadbury yesterday.  Cadbury is my favorite chocolate, hands down.  It … Continue reading

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There Was A Farmer, Had A Dog

One of the realities of having children who play sports, is that you will have to pay for everything, sometimes through the nose.  It doesn’t matter what, but you do have to pay.  Shoes, socks, uniforms, travel, sports drinks, snacks … Continue reading

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A Time For Endings, A Time For Beginnings

2009 has been quite a ride.  It’s been challenging, stressful, enlightening, glorious, somewhat spectacular, and never boring. It got a bit manic for awhile, somewhat depressing at times, but never dull. I did a great deal of soul searching.  I … Continue reading

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