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New Toy

One of the best things in life is filing and receiving your tax return early.  The filing – not so much.  It’s always a huge hastle that, if you file your own taxes, leaves you wondering if you missed something.  … Continue reading

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Please Welcome Our Next Contestant on “The Dating Game”!

I can see I am not the only blogger frustrated with their love life.  DizzyBlonde has a wonderful post, entitled “Sexual Frustration”, that deals with her frustrations.  Although I’ve been equally frustrated  in l’amour, she has articulated it much better … Continue reading

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Let’s Do It Again…And Again

I have been playing catch-up with a friend in Germany.  I met her 31 years ago this month, and I recently found her on Facebook.  She is in a committed relationship and is the mother of a 7 year-old boy.  … Continue reading

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Odds And Sods

A little homage to The Who, a band that always sounds great at top volume..anywhere, anytime.  Here are some bits that have been rattling around this Middle-Aged Head: I’ve been streaming an oldies station from Los Angeles, KRTH-FM,  while at … Continue reading

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Wearing Of The Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. My favorite Irish lass, my friend in Minnesota, has flown the coop and is vacationing in Florida.  She’d better send a postcard.  I know she’s there to visit her mother, and not to celebrate an Irish … Continue reading

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Up In The Air, Then Crashing Down

Yesterday, I went to the movies with My Daughter.  I love the Daddy/Daughter Time.  We used to do things together when she was young.  Now it’s just when she has the time.  Her tastes in movies are quite different from … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar Some More

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to see “It Might Get Loud”, a documentary that any fan of rock n roll should see. The subjects are Jimmy Page, the Edge from U2, and Jack White of White Stripes/Raconteurs. Wow! The … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Menu: A Mixed Grill

It is the end of the workday, but not the end of my week.  I would love to be able to sleep in tomorrow, maybe fix a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and go wherever thewind will take me. But, … Continue reading

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A Better Way To Start The Day

I know I am coming out of my latest funk when I want to start cooking. Last night, while coming home from the library, I had a Cosmic Dope Slap moment.  I got the idea that since it was my … Continue reading

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Shaking Out The Shavings

Every so often I have bits of thoughts that need to come out, but I can’t flesh them out into a full posting.  You might say it was a late summer cleaning. I have to give props to native Mainer … Continue reading

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