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New Toy

One of the best things in life is filing and receiving your tax return early.  The filing – not so much.  It’s always a huge hastle that, if you file your own taxes, leaves you wondering if you missed something.  … Continue reading

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Lost In The Supermarket

There was a time I couldn’t understand why some women defined “shopping” as “recreation “.   Walking through stores, pondering the choices and possibilities, maybe actually buying something – it all lacks functionality. Men look at shopping as functional.  It’s a chore, … Continue reading

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My Jetta Is Going to Kill Me

The Jetta has failed me once again.  It’s been awhile since I’d had problems with the car, so I figure I was due.  This episode borders on scary.  While driving home from shopping yesterday, I heard a grinding noise coming … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You How It Will Be…Taxman

I got my state tax refund today!  Thank you, Governor John.  Now, do something about fixing the job situation. Sorry.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah…tax refund. It’s another term for play money.  I know some people put the money away … Continue reading

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