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Lost In The Supermarket

There was a time I couldn’t understand why some women defined “shopping” as “recreation “.   Walking through stores, pondering the choices and possibilities, maybe actually buying something – it all lacks functionality. Men look at shopping as functional.  It’s a chore, … Continue reading

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I Have Not Disappeared

This has been the Summer of The Curve. We’ve had a sunny and gloriously warm summer here on the coast, and the fashions have reflected that.  Plenty of sun dresses, halter tops and short shorts emerging from, what seems to … Continue reading

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Clothes Make The Man

Memo to young men under the age of 30: learn how to dress. I people watch when I walk around town and most of the guys are slobs.  Their idea of casual is baggy, over-sized jeans with the waistline halfway … Continue reading

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So, What’s Your Sign?

I’m not sure how this ranks on the bizarro scale, but I thought it to be right up there. I love watching hockey.  My Son, Daughter and their mother are also big fans.  Last night I met The Ex- to … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

According to my friend in Minnestoa, there is a new holiday on the calendar.  It’s called Singles Awareness Day. Actually, it’s her name for Valentine’s Day. The awareness is not about being single.  It’s more about the fact you are … Continue reading

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Thoughts In The Shower

It’s amazing the things I think of when I’m taking a shower.  I pick up the bottle of body wash that’s designed with men in mind, and I wonder who determined how men should smell.  The I think, do I … Continue reading

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