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I’ve Got A Feeling

Today feels weird.  That feeling started just after I checked my email No, I haven’t heard from My Love for awhile.  I probably won’t hear from her.  I opened my email and found alot of nothing.  Some Facebook junk, an … Continue reading

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Haven’t I Seen You In Here Before

I have been told by a friend that I need to get laid. She lives in Colorado.  We met when she lived with her parents here in Maine, and was singing in choir.  I guess her mother was trying to hook … Continue reading

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Please, Mr. Postman

The pain of a break-up is like a papercut:  it hurts like hell for awhile and takes longer to heal than you think.    That pain has subsided significantly over the past week.  After driving myself crazy last week, I decided … Continue reading

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Up In The Air, Then Crashing Down

Yesterday, I went to the movies with My Daughter.  I love the Daddy/Daughter Time.  We used to do things together when she was young.  Now it’s just when she has the time.  Her tastes in movies are quite different from … Continue reading

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What Are You Still Doing Here?

At the moment, life sucks.  I am SO stuck in a rut it’s not funny. I think I’m wiggin’ out here – ( I know I’m not crazy) because, no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I … Continue reading

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I’d Just Like To Add….

This is to clarify some comments made in the previous post..These were gently brought to my attention.  Thank you for your comments.  Keep those cards and letters coming. When it comes to dating, I am not a “playa” as My Son … Continue reading

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“When my husband died, people said to me, “you must be depressed.”  But I wasn’t depressed; I was sad.  Depression is when nothing matters.  Sadness is when everything matters.” — Gloria Steinem I am sad because My Love has a … Continue reading

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I Haven’t Got Time

It has been brought to my attention that I am making slow and steady progress. Really? This is a “can’t see the forest for the trees” moment.  As much as others believe I’m making progress, I am having a difficult … Continue reading

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Leave Me Alone Already

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). That song has the ability to stop me dead in my tracks and trigger a “highlight reel” of memories, all of which make me smile and causes my stomach to churn.  If … Continue reading

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Sharp Dressed Man

I am wearing “the Boyfriend Sweater” today. I had never heard to the term until I was dating My Love.  She had bought me a maroon sweater from JC Penney.  The purpose of the sweater was to retain my smell, … Continue reading

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