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Take It Slow

Too much thinking going on. Someone informed me that I think too much.  Hmmm.  Is that worse than thinking too little, or maybe not thinking at all?  Have you ever heard the phrase, “paralysis from analysis”?  I had a basketball … Continue reading

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Strike Two

I did something unexpected yesterday.  I was in the Man Cave, hunting through boxes and looking for some old photos, and I found The Box. The Box is where I put all the photos, notes, letters, cards and ephemera from … Continue reading

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Eyes Up Here, Mister

I will most likely get myself into trouble with this post.  But I am not concerned. A couple posts back I wrote on the “topless parade” taking place in my fair city.  Since details were unavailable when I posted, allow … Continue reading

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Head Up, Heart Open

We all have epiphanies.  They are the reminders from The Universe,  that reveal to us those things that need our attention.  Sometimes it’s a simple solution to a challenge, other times it’s that Cosmic Dope Slap we need now and … Continue reading

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

  Today is Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day for the more cynical  individuals.  It’s a day  for expressing love and affection towards a special someone.  Millions of bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolate,  and greeting cards will be sold, specifically to let your … Continue reading

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I’d Just Like To Add….

This is to clarify some comments made in the previous post..These were gently brought to my attention.  Thank you for your comments.  Keep those cards and letters coming. When it comes to dating, I am not a “playa” as My Son … Continue reading

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Dawn Breaks on Middle-Aged Head

I find it appropriate that I write this post on the 20th Anniversary of “The Simpsons” first airing on Fox.  I am getting a cosmic dope slap (Doah!) I feel like Homer when I am reminded that The Cosmos help … Continue reading

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My Heart and I Are At Odds

” ‘Cause what she’s doing now is tearing me apart    Filling up my mind and tearing up my heart”      — Garth Brooks “What She’s Doing Now” Usually, with the schedule I’ve been keeping lately, I haven’t got time … Continue reading

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Say You’re Sorry To The Nice Lady

I have been a bad boy. After posting yesterday, I checked my email and discovered a response from My Love.  I got the full lowdown on her reasons behind the breakup.  We are both at fault, but she is blaming … Continue reading

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Hello, Houray

I’m back.  This time, I am walking a bit humbler, but a little bit jaded and stunned.  I made a promise to My Love that I would not write about her, and I will keep it. But I return with a … Continue reading

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