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Too-rah loo-rah loo-rah

A week ago Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, I observed an odd but interesting sight.  As I trudged to my car, not fully awake and tempted to crawl back into bed,  I saw a Christmas tree standing next to the trash … Continue reading

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Cupid, Pull Back Your Bow

I will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  I refuse to be sucked into the vortex of sappy cards, overpriced chocolates, and outrageously priced floral arrangements.  Not gonna do it! I liked Valentine’s Day when I was in elementary … Continue reading

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For The People

I love the Fourth of July.  I love what it represents and not for what others use it.  I love that it represents that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and that we have, as humans, rights to … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

According to my friend in Minnestoa, there is a new holiday on the calendar.  It’s called Singles Awareness Day. Actually, it’s her name for Valentine’s Day. The awareness is not about being single.  It’s more about the fact you are … Continue reading

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Ring In The New

I am so glad Christmas is over.  Not the holiday but all the ramped-up, amped-up, high stress activity before the holiday. I had the best Christmas Day ever. My trip to Massachusetts to see my sister was a success.  My … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Y’all

Merry Christmas one and all.  My name is Brad. (Hi, Brad) I am a Middle-Aged Head. We never made it to church.  My Daughter was late getting out of work.  That would’ve given us less than 1/2-hour to eat & open … Continue reading

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Taking It On The Road

I’ve been given a wonderful gift by a co-worker. Yesterday, my co-workers and I had a pow-wow to determine what time we were coming in on Christmas.  I’ll be there at 4:30am. Afterward, one of the warehouse pickers came to … Continue reading

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