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I Have Not Disappeared

This has been the Summer of The Curve. We’ve had a sunny and gloriously warm summer here on the coast, and the fashions have reflected that.  Plenty of sun dresses, halter tops and short shorts emerging from, what seems to … Continue reading

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Middle-Age Head Goes Abroad

Hello…..I’m a Middle-Age Head and I am a college flunk-out.  Twice. Yes, gentle reader, I managed to flunk out of college twice. I’m not proud of that fact, but it’s a part of my life.  The first time I became … Continue reading

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Change For A Twenty

Not much has been bumping around inside this middle-aged head.  One bit of advice I’ve read is that writers should carry around a small notebook or pad.  If they think of something during the day (or night) and can’t take … Continue reading

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Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand

I learned something about the human spirit yesterday.  I’m certain that challenges such as this are presented for a reason. I was in need of cash and pulled into the credit union to use the ATM.  As I parked my … Continue reading

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Step Outside And Look Around

I hung out with The Shrink today.  It was a very interesting session.  Sometimes I think I’ll have nothing to talk about and those are the times when I pull up something from the abyss.  We were back on the … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Feeling

Today feels weird.  That feeling started just after I checked my email No, I haven’t heard from My Love for awhile.  I probably won’t hear from her.  I opened my email and found alot of nothing.  Some Facebook junk, an … Continue reading

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If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

This was passed on to me by My Love.  I have not been fair to her in these pages recently.  I am sincerely and humbly sorry for what I’ve said.  I have been able to only see my pain and … Continue reading

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