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Take Care

Is it terrible that I can’t remember any of my childhood dreams.  Those dreams that come to mind while laying in a hammock under a tree, staring up through the leaves.  What did I want to be, to where did … Continue reading

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Running Down a Dream

TIME a wonderful thing that is best appreciated when you are occupied with things that you’d rather not do. This has been a rough week.  I’ve worked at LL Bean ten out of twelve days, I have tonight off, then work … Continue reading

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Running In Circles

I checked my L.L. Bean schedule for the next couple of weeks.  I am working six days straight, one day off, then four days. OUCH!  What makes it painful is that my out time is MIDNIGHT, and I have to … Continue reading

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No Cute Or Catchy Title This Time

November 4.  Four days after Halloween. I am assuming that most of you have come out of your sugar coma by now.  SInce I never bought Halloween candy in the first place, I’m happy to report that my eyes are … Continue reading

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A Better Way To Start The Day

I know I am coming out of my latest funk when I want to start cooking. Last night, while coming home from the library, I had a Cosmic Dope Slap moment.  I got the idea that since it was my … Continue reading

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