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Odds And Sods

A little homage to The Who, a band that always sounds great at top volume..anywhere, anytime.  Here are some bits that have been rattling around this Middle-Aged Head: I’ve been streaming an oldies station from Los Angeles, KRTH-FM,  while at … Continue reading

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A Better Way To Start The Day

I know I am coming out of my latest funk when I want to start cooking. Last night, while coming home from the library, I had a Cosmic Dope Slap moment.  I got the idea that since it was my … Continue reading

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Shaking Out The Shavings

Every so often I have bits of thoughts that need to come out, but I can’t flesh them out into a full posting.  You might say it was a late summer cleaning. I have to give props to native Mainer … Continue reading

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Lights, camera, action

It’s another mixed bag of movies for the week.  I’ve made it to Season 3 of Little Britain.  In the comedy vein,  there’s “Waiting For Guffman” (the only picture I haven’t seen from Chris Guest and Co.).  Also, a little … Continue reading

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More Classic Movies

I had neglected to mention this weeks films, courtesy of the local library.  I seem to be gravitating back and forth, to and from Alfred Hitchcock.  I pulled “North By Northwest” with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, “A Streetcar … Continue reading

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Coming attractions

Sorry that I’ve slacked off on the classic movie updates.  I took as week off to explore other options.  But I have come back with some beautes. First, let’s recap the last batch.  Only one real classic:  Citizen Kane. The … Continue reading

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Siskel and Ebert have nothing on me

Last night, I finished off this week’s batch of classic movies.  I seeme to be drifting towards whodunnits and Hitchcock movies.  Earlier in the week, I watched “The Man Who Knew Too Much”  and “Laura”.  I am attracted by these … Continue reading

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Coming Attractons

I picked up the latest batch of classic movies from the library. This week, we get suspense, intrigue and mystery.  I took out “Laura” with Jean Tierney and Dana Andrews, “The Third Man” with Orson Welles, and another Hitchcock classic “The … Continue reading

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Highlights from last week’s show

When we last left our hero, he’d been bound and left to die on the railroad tracks… Wait, this isn’t that silent film project I started in college. Start again. Let’s update the personal life, shall we?  I believe we … Continue reading

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