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Your Cake and Eat It

For those expecting to read about my escapist adventures on my birthday, the sexual marathon with a gorgeous brunette, or about the shedding of an old half-century and preparing for a new one – sorry.  Nothing happened of any signifigance or … Continue reading

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No Over-The-Hill Party For Me

TODAY IS THE DAY! Bring on the dancing girls!  Bring on the barbeque!  Bring on Fearless Freep!! I believe John and Paul said it best, (bah bah bahnah nah nahnah nah nah) You say it’s your birthday, (bah bah bahnah nah … Continue reading

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Call Me And We’ll Do…Whatever

I am happy to announce that last night was my final night of taking Christmas phone orders.  I haven’t spent much down time in my apartment over the past five weeks. My apartment resembles a Haitian refugee camp – piles … Continue reading

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Seen and Unseen

* * * Only THREE more days until I am an Official Middle-Aged Head * * * In this season of giving, the gifts we give to the important people in our lives are either seen or unseen.  We send ourselves to … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Seem That Long Ago

The countdown has begun.  In nine days I will become an Official Middle-Aged Head.  The Big 5-0.  Half a century.  The beginning of the rest of my life –that sounds SO much like a Hallmark greeting card.  You get the … Continue reading

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Who Knows Where The Time Goes

( with sincerest apologies to Sandy Denny ) I am not a morning person by nature.  Despite enjoying watching the sun rise and seeing the world slowly awaken, I would much rather go to bed later and allow my body … Continue reading

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Holiday Miracle

I got a birthday gift from My Love. She sent me a book on creative writing, some pens, tablets of paper and my favorite Cadbury chocolate.  Inside the birthday card, she encouraged me to keep writing, to follow my passion.  … Continue reading

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And Then There Was Life

“Doctor Stretch.  Doctor James Stretch.  You are wanted in the delivery room.” It was a snowy mid-December afternoon when the young woman, barely out of her teens, went into labor. The forecast for the Conneecticut River Valley was for light snow most of … Continue reading

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Dawn Breaks on Middle-Aged Head

I find it appropriate that I write this post on the 20th Anniversary of “The Simpsons” first airing on Fox.  I am getting a cosmic dope slap (Doah!) I feel like Homer when I am reminded that The Cosmos help … Continue reading

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Something’s Comin’

  “If something is leaving your life, no matter how valuable or important it seem, it is because in some way it held you back.  If something leaves, know that something better is coming.  (See) what things are real and … Continue reading

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