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Checking It Twice

In my previous post, I mentioned I was beginning to compile a “bucket list”.  I never saw the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jacks Nicholson, but the idea of the list had appeal.  For me, the list is tied into … Continue reading

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Giving Props

I believe in spreading the love.  There are good people out there, writing interesting things and expressing interesting opinions.  I want to be able to direct you to them because I think they are worthy of your attention. My friends, … Continue reading

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For The Blue Wedge…And The Game

I love trivia games.  Trivial Pursuit is my favorite board game.  I read the Guinness Book of Records and the Encyclopedia Britannica for fun.  Although I’ve never owned one, the World Almanac is a fascinating read.  I keep a dog-eared … Continue reading

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Wearing Of The Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. My favorite Irish lass, my friend in Minnesota, has flown the coop and is vacationing in Florida.  She’d better send a postcard.  I know she’s there to visit her mother, and not to celebrate an Irish … Continue reading

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…And Now Here’s Something We Hope You’ll Really Like

I’d like to start off by thanking the folks who pop in on a regular (or semi-regular) basis and read my writing.  I am blessed that you enjoy it, or are at least curious if I’ve gone postal or not.  … Continue reading

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Hands Across The Water

I love the fact that this blog is getting hits from the UK. I do not like hot weather.  I much prefer cooler, milder temperatures.  If given the opportunity to live anywhere other than New England, I would say either … Continue reading

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