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Call Me And We’ll Do…Whatever

I am happy to announce that last night was my final night of taking Christmas phone orders.  I haven’t spent much down time in my apartment over the past five weeks. My apartment resembles a Haitian refugee camp – piles … Continue reading

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Summer Breeze

Last night was one to bottle and save for a cold winter night. The weather has been humid in my corner of the world.  If you’re a regular visitor of the Middle-Aged Head, you know I don’t enjoy humidity and … Continue reading

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Haven’t I Seen You In Here, Part Deux

What is it about women and sports bars?  What is it about women and bars, in general?  I have gone a year without intercourse, a single frustrating year without coitus non-interruptus.  I go to the sports bar downtown on three … Continue reading

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Can’t You See

Now is the time to see, with the eyes of age and wisdom, all the things I let pass me by as a younger man. I believe that I have become more reflective since watching “The Buddha” on public TV.  I … Continue reading

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Ooh, Ooh

Nothing profound or profane today, gentle reader.  Lately I’ve run dry of things to write about, so if you don’t see a post that is the reason.  I would rather write when I’m moved to do so, than write for … Continue reading

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