Thoughts From Under A Down Comforter

It’s nice to be here, nice to be back. I’ve missed putting my thoughts out there for you to read.  Let’s hope that the stay isn’t fleeting.

* * * * * *

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and a perfect day to remain tucked under a down comforter. Cold, damp, and dreary outside but soft and warm inside.  The window above my bed is open a crack, allowing me to gaze upon the droplets clinging to the screen.  I’ve got a West Coast radio station streaming on my laptop and a cup of tea steaming on the nightstand.  My God, it feels good to have words flowing from my fingers again.

My middle-aged head has been void of ideas to expound upon.  Or perhaps my mind’s eye has seen much but has lacked the desire to truly see and share here. This place has always been safe, allowing me to release my desires and fears, my frustrations and wonderful discoveries of self, and bearing my soul to the knowing or ambivalent eyes.

* * * * * *

“Love and hope and sex and dreams/still surviving on the streets/Look at me – I’ve been shattered”  Mick and Keith at their best. True story.

* * * * * *

 Arriving home from work on Thursday after enjoying the walk home on a warm October afternoon, I discovered that my car booted.  It didn’t bother me too much; all it took to relieve my frustration was a quick “Oh, Fuck!!” and I was good to go. Eventually I realized  it meant that I had to pay those nasty back parking tickets before my car could be emancipated.  Good thing it was a pay week and I had some overtime. There’s nothing like a brisk walk downtown to city hall to hand over $120 to the treasurer, to free my car from that ugly boot. It made my day complete.

* * * * * *

I’m seeing someone.  She’s nice, fun, great sense of humour, great kisser, but…..( there’s always a BUT ) but she’s temporary.  She’s not The One.  No walking off into the sunset walking hand-in-hand, no planning for the future.  I’m not looking for an out, waiting for an opportunity to run or seeing someone on the side.  I guess the reason why I’m staying is comfort – I don’t want to be alone. Is it horrible to think like this? Does it make me a bad person to consider the relationship as temporary?  I must admit I’ve had fleeting thoughts of a brown-haired cutie, but she lives in MN.  So, that’s not happening.

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3 Responses to Thoughts From Under A Down Comforter

  1. Marge says:

    great to see you writing again. I thought you fell off the face of the earth! 🙂 Glad to see you didn’t! 🙂

  2. The Wicked Pen says:

    I think you should live with reckless abandon, and run off to Minnesota! 😉

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