Thoughts While Sitting In Front of a Fan

Summer has finally arrived.  The definition of summer has nothing to do with a place on a calendar or the position of the sun in the sky.  It has to do with the temperature.  Yesterday, the temperature hit 92 degrees.  92 DEGREES!  It’s great if you like the heat. I don’t like the heat.  I dislike it even more when I have to work in the heat.  Yesterday, I helped my daughter move into her new apartment  I was a day of schlepping boxes up and down stairs, angling furniture around and through the tight corners of stairwells, and seeing the minutae of her life.  Some of these things I wished I hadn’t seen, like the foreplay card game.  That easily could’ve sent me running from the room with my eyes covered.  That could’ve gone into a covered box.

I’ve started watching reruns of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” after dinner.  I enjoy any program that has good writing.  This show had great writing and was a groundbreaking show.  A young woman moves to the big city and learns to balance career with her personal life.  Only one question:  if you are single and making a life for yourself, how in hell did you afford all those clothes?  It is television, after all.

I’ve been haunting the local used book shops for summer reading treasures.  I am accumulating books for future reading. I feel like a squirrel sometimes, hoarding books instead of nuts. My foraging has turned up some good reading – “Naked” by David Sederis (the boy is on acid, I swear); “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen; “Following Through – Herbert Warren Wind on Golf”;  “The Road to Somewhere” by James Dodson, and a couple Bill Bryson books “In A Sunburnt Country” and “Neither Here Nor There”.  Next week is a vacation week for me, so I hope to put a dent in this stack of books.  They are next to my bed, screaming out for me to pick them up and begin turning pages.

I have not been in a writing mode for so long thagt it will take me awhile to get back into the groove of writing on a (semi-) regular basis.  For those who may be interested, I’m doing okay.  Really.  Like the rest of the country, I’m economically challenged at the moment and that pre-occupies my thinking at times. I still rise for work at way-too-early in the morning. I am still single, unattached by choice and in no hurry to change that.

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3 Responses to Thoughts While Sitting In Front of a Fan

  1. Marge says:

    good to know you are alive and well

  2. Auntysocial says:

    Yay!! You had us worried for a bit there!! 🙂

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