New Toy

One of the best things in life is filing and receiving your tax return early.  The filing – not so much.  It’s always a huge hastle that, if you file your own taxes, leaves you wondering if you missed something.  I am cheap.  I would prefer to do my own taxes by using a IRS-recommended free site, because if there is a problem, there is an option to speak with a live body.  I don’t itemize because I don’t have assets that require me to itemize.  It’s an odd upside to divorce that makes filing income taxes simpler.

I like filing my taxes early.  I like it because I get the refund early and it’s direct-deposited into my checking account.  I got my refund on Friday.  I get a boost of energy and inner joy having that money available.  I now have options and the ability to conspicuously consume.  It made me feel normal, almost human.  When money’s tight, you have to prioritize, so it’s liberating to have expendable income.  Yes, I do intend to spend it on non-essential items.  

First,  renew my passport. I now have the ability to pick up and travel anywhere at a moment’s notice.  I feel that the options available to me have now multiplied, that if all the resoucres are in place, I can pursue my passions.  I paid a visit to the post office this morning, filed the appropriate paperwork (complete with updated photos), and  I can expect delivery in 6-8 weeks.

The second item on the list was to purchase a netbook.  I wanted something that allowed me to journal my thoughts and update my blog, and would be mobile so I wouldn’t be dependant on the library for internet.  I bought the netbook yesterday – a  Toshiba NB505 that was on sale for $279.  I did the research on my lunchhour at work, and discovered favorable reviews from users and techies alike.  The downfall to the machine is that it has only 1GB of memory (which means it’s a bit slow ), and that the keyboard is small.  Or at least smaller than my hands are used to with a regular keyboard.  The heel of my hand rests dangerously close to certain command keys, causing strange things to happen.  I love the fact that I can write when the mood strikes and that I don’t have to wait until the library opens.  ( ironically, I am writing this piece at the library.  Fortunately, I don’t have the hour time limit, so I can write for as long as the library is open. )  I can make notes, file them, and copy them into the blog when I am ready. I really look forward to using this netbook.

There isn’t a third item on the list.  Or a fourth or fifth item.  I stopped at two items because those were the only items I really wanted.  I could buy more CD’s (a very good option for the money), eat out a few times (off the Cracker Barrel after I finish), perhaps take in a movie ( I haven’t seen most of the Oscar winners.).  Who knows what I’ll do, but I do know that it won’t be for anything practical.

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3 Responses to New Toy

  1. Marge says:

    and yet with the new toy it has still been days since you have written a new blog!

  2. Great blog. I look forward to visiting again sometime.

    Thanks for sharing… and enjoy the shopping with your tax refund!

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