In My Day, We Walked

While driving to work this morning I had an uncomfortable feeling.  I happened to scan the landscape and noticed there was a distinct lack of snow cover.  It is the end of the first full week of January, and what little snowfall we’ve experienced is piled up, gray from sand and dirt, and melting away.  This feeling can only mean we are due for a BIG snowfall.

Several times we’ve had heavy snowfall forecasted but only twice has the weatherman has been accurate.  I’d hate to be a weatherman.  I don’t think there’s a more dispised job.  They have control of people’s lives.  Not in a life-or-death way, but they can keep a ballgame from being played.  Or school to be canceled, a trip to the beach or picnic postponed, or graduation ceremonies forced to be moved inside.   Even with computer models and satellite imagery, they can still be wrong and it’s those times people remember.  The big snowfall that the forecasters promised never materialized. A few inches instead of a foot-and-a half of traffic-clogging, fender bender, “take two hours to travel 5 miles” snow.  We had that in the first big storm and I had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a granite curbstone.  I was barely crawling along, traveling 5 mph.  I hiot a patch of packed, slick snow and my wheels locked, causing me to slide sifeways.  Let’s just say I needed a new wheel after not one..not two, rather three – THREE – scrapes with the curb.  Not just a scrape – more like a slam.

There’s a big storm moving off the eastern seaboard and running parallel to the coast.  Depending how the storm tracks will determine how much snow we get.  The prediction is for light snowfall, a dusting at best, and that forecast has me anxious.  It means we will get slammed with six inches or more.  ( we actually only received a dusting of snow – barely had to brush off the car this morning

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1 Response to In My Day, We Walked

  1. Marge says:

    being a weatherman is one of the few jobs a person can have and be wrong nearly every day!
    sounds like a dream job.
    But I wouldn’t want to be one either.
    Who wants to be wrong more than they are right?
    PS another blog so quickly!
    Wow, what a treat!

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