What Do You Wear Under There?

Boxers or briefs?

It sounds like a question from a Cosmo quiz – How well do YOU know your Man?  It’s an intimate question, I know.  It skirts the border of TMI and Need-to-Know.  If you’re thinking I’m about to divulge my choice, sorry.  Nothing (or no one) gets between me and my Haines or FOL or BVD.  I was thinking about a variety of things over the past few days, pondering the question, “Does what we wear under there reflect who we are?”

Hmmm….pondering the choice of underwear…who cares?  Don’t you have more pressing things to be thinking about?   Like global warming or the state of the economy? 

I’ve always thought the choice of undergarments reflects one’s personality but not necessarily their attitude.  With women, it’s easy.  Women can wear something sexy and the world need not know.  Well, unless the fabric of the garment hugs the body like a layer of skin.  Then the world WILL know what she’s wearing – or not wearing.  If you can tell what she has for underwear, she intended for the world to know.  I like that – the attitude, that is.  A women who is comfortable wearing  sexy underwear has a sexy attitude. The sexy underwear comes in provocative colors – red, pink, purple, and variations on those.  They create fantasy – pushing and molding, tucking and accentuating -making a woman’s assets more desirable.  Seeing a woman in sexy underwear has the same results as if she were to grab me by the collar, pull me close and plant a mind-blowing, breath-taking kiss on the lips.

That’s not to say a woman who doesn’t wear sexy underwear doesn’t feel sexy.  It’s just a different attitude.  Those everyday undergarments are viewed as functional, something to keep “the Girls” safe.  They come in boring colors – white, mauve, beige, black or “nude”.  There’s nothing sexy or daring about these.

The choice of mens undergarments is, most certainly, a reflection of personality but the line between comfort and function is blurred.  It’s not just about boxers or briefs. A man can go with briefs, bikini briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers shorts.  Different garments can apply to different situations, depending on an individual’s preference.  If a man is going out and knows the possibility of having sex is low, he can go with the “whitey-tighties”.  It’s a generic choice, an old standby – it gets the job done, but is not sexy by any means. 

If the situation is a casual date with a better-than-average chance of sex, a man could go with the boxer briefs.  These tend to follow the curves – if the guy has been concentrating on his glutes at the gym, this is a good choice.  Women like a man with tights buns – at least the women with whom I’ve spent time hold that opinion.  Briefs can be substituted depending on the cut.

If the relationship is hot – the sex is great, the spiritual connection is off the charts, and compatibility goes without saying – bikini briefs are the way to go.  It makes for a complete package.  Mr. Johnson and His Twin Brothers are in good hands, so to speak. 

What do the choice of men’s underwear have to do with anything?

People make resolutions every New Year – lose weight, quit smoking, join a gym, become a better person, make nice with the family – the list is endless.  I’ve stopped making resolutions because I look at the big picture, what needs to be changed, instead of breaking up the task into smaller goals that don’t seem overwhelming..

Still, what does all this have to do with your underwear??

It’s about changing my attitude.  Socially, I’ve hit a low point and have been there since My Love and I parted.  (For those newcomers, click on My Love in the catagories and you can get the back story).  I’ve made the choice not to date or seek relationships, and that has an effect on how I view myself.  I don’t see myself as good-looking or sexy.  That needs to change.  Perhaps some change in what I wear under there will help.  Something daring to make me feel sexy certainly can’t hurt.

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3 Responses to What Do You Wear Under There?

  1. Marge says:

    yep sounds like you need an attitude adjustment.
    Hope it happens for you soon!

  2. The Wicked Pen says:

    Hey, I think as long as a dude is wearing them, that is fine with me. Tidy whities, (ala risky business) Boxer Briefs, or boxers. It just doesn’t matter. However, If I am peeling off a mans clothes and he is wearing a thong or bikinis… ey ye ye… Sorry, I just like guys that are well…. guys.

  3. megawfa79 says:

    Don’t worry – ML tried to get me to wear bikinis – she said my butt was cute – but it didn’t last. Both the relationship and the choice of underwear.

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