I Have Not Disappeared

This has been the Summer of The Curve.

We’ve had a sunny and gloriously warm summer here on the coast, and the fashions have reflected that.  Plenty of sun dresses, halter tops and short shorts emerging from, what seems to be, every nook and cranny of the city.  And the curves.  Those delicious, luxurious curves have caught my eye and sending my imagination into wonderful and unmentionable places.  I have always appreciated the soft curves of a woman.  Sizes 10, 12, even 14 or 16 – properly proportioned and groomed – always generates a head turn and second glance.  I love to watch women walk.  It’s hypnotic to behold – the gentle sway of the hips accentuated by high heels captures my attention and I hang on for the ride.  I’m not a perv.  A man can observe a beautiful woman as she walks and not drool all over himself.  The key is subtlety.  You can watch and not drag your tongue on the pavement.  It’s easier to observe while wearing sunglasses.  The eyes are well hidden.


I have been on vacation this past week.  Actually, it’s a stay-cation.  I am sticking close to home; no money to travel too far, and it’s proven to be enlightening.  I’ve been engaged in “clutter-control” to try and get rid of some of the junk scattered about my apartment.  I’ve moved around some furniture to change things up and give some new persective. I’ve also have encountered a few cosmic dope-slaps which has brought this Middle-Aged Head out of the clouds.  I found myself living inside my head for a couple of days, which brought on a foul mood.  It took some readings on zen budhism to help me see things clearly.  All good after that.  Thanks, Buddha!



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