Middle-Aged Head On Parade

I’m back, Gentle Reader.  My Middle-Aged head is still quite blocked, but I’ve had a few thoughts I wanted to share.

  • It is a frustrating thing when a writer can’t think of anything to write.  When I first began writing, I wrote about my divorce and the challenges of single life.  Then came My Love and our breakup – I’ll call that my Whiner Days, now since gone by.  The fallout of all those events now past me I am challenged for topics. 
  • I have become increasingly frustrated by political conservatives – who isn’t? – and the issue of Islam.  These pundits and their followers seem to forget when talking about fundamental extremists,  it is a small per centage of the Muslim world.  Yet, peaceful followers of Islam get lumped in with the bad guys and the entire faith is dragged through the mud.  It is an insult to the Muslim world to catagorically stereotype this way.
  • My Daughter is planning to move out of her mother’s home and find an apartment with a friend.  Her plan is to take a similar position at the large electronics/music store that is an hour away.  The apartment she wants is much closer to the boyfriend and that would make her happier.  This Middle Aged head is feeling much older with this development.
  • I got an email from My Love’s former housemate.  When she upgraded to a 40″ flat screen HD TV, she gave me her old model that has plenty of life, but is a boat anchor.  It is REALLY heavy.  Her purpose for writing was to ask if I wanted the custom-made stand for the TV.  Hell, yeah.  After work on Saturday, I cruised down to pick it up.  Very strange being in that house again.  It was nice to talk catch up with her; I stayed for almost 3 hours.  She and I have more in common than My Love and I did, most of it based in music/movies/popular culture.  I had intended to call once to ask her to a movie – just to have someone to talk with, but didn’t.  I might try again.

For someone who had nothing to say, I wrote plenty.  The question is how long before I write again, for more than 400 words.

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1 Response to Middle-Aged Head On Parade

  1. Marge says:

    good to hear from you!
    And if the lady who use to be “room mates with your love” and you have things in common I would say that “Date” night is long over due!
    good luck!!!!

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