Free My Mind

I sat in the silence of my living room, lights off and fan running, trying to stay cool during the latest wave of 90 degree heat.  It was a long five days, a sweltering, end-of-summer gift from Hurricane Earl – and I suffered through the stretch.  As I sat in the darkness of my “hole in the ground” I determined there was a difference between silence and quiet.  Silence is the absence of sound, while quiet is the ambient partner of reflection.  I prefer quiet.

There are times when my apartment takes on the characteristics of a solitary confinement cell.  The light through the two windows is minimal.  Any sign of life outside the building disappears when the windows are closed.  Both are wonderful if you want to sleep, but when combined with a 8 ft. ceiling, creates a cramped and constricted feeling.  Marry silence with those conditions creates a feeling of isolation.  

This morning, while standing at the back door of the warehouse, I enjoyed the day slowly being unwrapped by the sun. The sky was a clear blue with a cool breeze.  It was a nice change from the hot wind that blasted through earlier that week.  Other than the sound of wind moving through the trees, it was quiet. 

I like this kind of quiet.  Closing my eyes, I absorbed the day – the fresh smell of the air, the dew on the grass, the gusts of wind on my face and through my hair.  I spoke not a word.  I felt at peace;  calm and refreshed.  I was a part of the world, not in isolation in a dark basement apartment.  This is how Life should be.

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