More Bits and Pieces

Not much worth commenting about, so I’ll throw out some of the bits clogging up my Middle-Aged Head:

– Reason #37 why it sucks to be single:  when you have a stiff neck or sore shoulder, there is no one there to massage it for you.  My heating pad and cold pack have no personality whatsoever.  A pair of soft, strong hands attached to an equally soft body (women preferred) would be wonderful right now.  When I am finished, I will take my Aleve and go home and retire to the couch.

– If I hear one more conservative commentator or read one more conservative columnist, saying that President Obama is to blame for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I will respond by yelling at the top of my lungs, “He works for the American people, not a slipshod British oil company!!”  The last time I checked, he didn’t work on an oil rig and he’s not on the BP payroll.

– A good friend in Germany is on holiday this week in Tuscany.  This is why Europe is SO COOL..with cheap airfares, you can be anywhere in 3 hours or less..Italy, Spain, France, Germany – all within reach.  England, Scotland and Ireland are also close.  We should all have these kinds of choices.  From where I sit, I can reach New Hampshire in 40 minutes, Boston in 1 hour 45 minutes, my sister’s house near Worcester, MA in 3 hours, and my brother in Connecticut in 3 hours 30 minutes.  I can drive to Quebec City in 3 hours and Frederickton, NB in 5 hours.  Not as glamourous as jetting off to Paris, but it helps keep the wanderlust in check.

 – I’ve been enjoying a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors.  It’s “Loving Women” by Pete Hamill.  It set in Pensacola, FL 1952 – the main character is a Brooklyn boy sent to Florida fresh out of naval boot camp.  Hamill is wonderful with detail, almost as meticulous as James Michener, another favorite.  Lots of interesting characters, a complex love intrest, and colorful and descriptive language.  My ex- gave me the book when you couldn’t get past the first ten chapters.  She said it was difficult to get into the story.  I’ve had no problem and am loving every minute.

I hope this satisfies those in need of a quick Middle-Aged fix.  I’m shooting for quality over quantity, so I don’t post new stuff everyday.

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