Checking It Twice

In my previous post, I mentioned I was beginning to compile a “bucket list”.  I never saw the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jacks Nicholson, but the idea of the list had appeal.  For me, the list is tied into desire to set goals.  It doesn’t matter how outrageous the idea, every possibility is included.  I mentioned that attending The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA was one item.  Here are a few more:

  • Travel to Hong Kong and have a custom-fitted suit made.  I know there are better reasons to travel to Hong Kong.  A good friend, who is in publishing, travels there once a year.  But I have always wanted a Hong Kong suit made to fit me, with a nice fabric, a crisp dress shirt and tie.  The roots of this come from my early 20’s, when I was in college and dressed like a typical college guy in the Northeast:  button-down Oxford shirt, jeans, mocasins from L.L. Bean.  I wanted to dress with style.  Unfortunately, I had no sense of style.  The girls I dated were no help to me.  While enjoying a warm day on the mall,  I found an ad in the Boston Globe sportspage – a Hong Kong tailor would be at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, to size and fit gentlemen for suits, blazers, shirts and pants.  That idea appealed to me; for a fixed price I could get a nice suit, a couple of shirts, and pants.  He’s have fabric samples, collar and cuff options, and a spectrum of colors from which to choose.  Who better than a tailor to offer his fashion expertise?   Here’s the obstacle….college students typically don’t have much money.  We had to scrounge for pizza and beer money, cash in bottles to do laundry, etc.  That idea was placed into the file, “When You Grow Up” and stored for safe keeping.  I think it’s ready to make a comeback.
  • Live abroad for a year.  No, not live like a broad, live in a foreign country.  My country isn’t so foreign:  I want to live in Scotland.  I have read a couple good books, their stories include playing golf.  But, the authors were not native Scots.  One was Canadian, the other two Americans.  They all played golf.  However, their desire to emerse themselves in the Scottish culture was the plotline in all the books.  When I first visited Scotland in 2001, I experienced the feeling of serenity, the sense that despite never visiting Scotland before, I had felt like this was a place where I was meant to be.  I felt that I was predestined to be there.  My then-wife agreed with me, having the same feelings.  Since that time, I have always had the desire to pull up stakes and move to Scotland.  I can see myself doing just that in five years, after the kids have moved out on their own.
  • Visit every Major League Baseball stadium and ballpark.   Yeah, it’s been done before.  Some who’ve done also have sung the National Anthem before the game.  I can carry a tune better than some, but not in front of 30,000 -plus specators.  I prefer to sing in the shower or while driving.  In 1991, the Baltimore Orioles were playing their last season at the old Memorial Stadium.  My buddy Bill, who is a HUGE baseball fan, had the brilliant idea:  a roadtrip to Baltimore to see the Orioles.  Leaving home at 3:30am to beat rush hour traffic in Manhattan, we made it to Baltimore in 8 hours.  We saw three games:  two with the Oakland Athletics, and one with the California (now Los Angeles) Angels.  We took rolls of photos, talked to lots of good people, drank a fair amount of beer, but…NO CRABS!  I come from a huge seafood-loving area and the idea of a huge portion of Maryland Blues sounded good.  But we needed to get out of the city to find them, and didn’t want to waste our time trying to find a place three hours away.  A foolish notion?  Oh, yeah.  I like the idea of staying in a city for a couple of days, sampling the local foods, and watching some good baseball has tremendous appeal.  I’ve been to Arlington, Texas to see the Rangers play.  They have AWESOME food at the ballpark, including great Mexican food.  This idea would be best shared with My Son.  I know he’s not much of a traveler, but he loves baseball.  Spending time together is a good thing.

Those are just a few ideas.  More to come……

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3 Responses to Checking It Twice

  1. Marge says:

    so where are you?
    Why aren’t you writing?
    I hope everything is alright in your little corner of the world!!
    I check this daily and am always disappointed that you haven’t written!
    so please write!

    • megawfa79 says:

      I’m here. The recent heat wave here on the east coast really drains me of any ambition. So, my writing takes a backseat to keeping cool. But I have much to write about, so keep checking. I appreciate your concern, but I am doing fine.

  2. Marge says:

    glad to hear it
    Thanks for writing!

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