Happy Anniversary, I Think

Today is the second anniversary of my divorce.  I can remember that day, standing with my ex- in front of the judge, watching almost twenty years of a relationship disappear in a heartbeat.  I remember wandering through downtown, just walking and enjoying the sunny day.  It was difficult not thinking about the hearing.

Don’t cry for me, Mississippi.  I’m not sad, disillusioned, or down-hearted.  I’m hopeful, enthusiastic and curious about the future.  I have had wonderful experiences, met wonderful and amazing people, and learned so much about myself.  My life has been a roller coaster ride; up, down, switching back and forth, and loop-the-loop.  The carnival is in town… Let’s see which ride  I try next.

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary, I Think

  1. Marge says:

    and may your sunny attitude stay by your side for many more years to come!

  2. megawfa79 says:

    I have my up days and down days. I’m just trying to find balance.

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