Fascinating Rhythms

I love Pandora.  

For those who don’t surf the ‘Net, Pandora is a music streaming site.  You can listen to any style of music.  The music is broken down into catagories, then the program playes music that fit those criteria. My Daughter recommended Pandora to me.  I was telling her how hard it was to keep up with new music these days.  When I was working at the campus radio station while at university, it was easy.  There was always new music being sent to us, along with press kits and magazines.  It was the early 80’s, MTV was just a baby (and still played music videos), and there were scenes popping up all over.  Since leaving school, it’s difficult to find a commercial radio station that programs music with no format.  The local community station does a great job on the whole but, like any college station, you have to put up with the trash before finding the treasure.  I needed something that would eliminate the trash and just air the treasure.

I have been able to listen to a wide spectrum of jazz, pop, rock, and in-season holiday music. I have channels devoted to Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Sarah McLachlan, Muddy Waters, and Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto.  I am currently on a Brazilian kick.  When the per diems leave on Saturday or Sunday, I’ll tune into the samba and bossanova, allowing myself to let go.  They don’t like it because they can’t understand Portuguese.

I became interested in Braziliam music when I bought the landmark jazz album, “Getz/Gilberto”.  Saxophonist Stan Getz had recorded an earlier album of bossanova-influenced jazz with guitarist Charlie Byrd.  Byrd had toured Brazil as a US State Department ambassador, and he brought this music back to the states.  Later, Getz, Joao Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Gilberto’s wife Astrud, recorded the album that featured “The Girl From Ipanema”.  I fell in love.  Bossanova and samba is sensual music.  You can close your eyes and watch the “carioca” or beach girls on Ipanema, their hips gently swaying as they stroll in the sand.   Ahhhh.  I’m not concerned that I don’t understand Portuguese, it’s gorgeous music.  The words lilt above the rhythms like a falling leaf caught up in the breeze.  My body moves, hypnotised by the rhythms.  You don’t have a choice.  I can feel myself swaying in time, feet shuffling, shoulders and hips taking on a life of their own, dictating the movement of my torso.  This is sexy music.   This is music with passion, to let lost and allow yourself to be swept away, to be aware of your body moving in ways you never thought of moving.

I’d like to find a woman who understands this music, who understands the primal basis of this music and is not afraid to follow the rhythms wherever they may take her.

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