Haven’t I Seen You In Here, Part Deux

What is it about women and sports bars?  What is it about women and bars, in general?  I have gone a year without intercourse, a single frustrating year without coitus non-interruptus.  I go to the sports bar downtown on three occassions, two of them I meet women, and one of them I take home with me.

Yes, K-Mart shoppers, this Middle-Aged Head got laid.

It was this past Sunday night. I had been to the hospital to visit my dad, recovering from quadruple bypass surgery.  Dad’s fine; he went home yesterday.  As I was walking home, the notion of getting out of the house was too tempting so I decided to head to the sports bar.  I thought that I might see the woman whom I met while watching the Bruins a couple weeks ago.  The chances were slim, but I was willling to take a chance.   The Celtics were on the tube, and there was  the game on ESPN, so I figured the place would be packed. 

 As I walked in, I saw a sea of empty tables spread out before me.  There were a few tables with customers, but there weren’t many.  There were open seats at the bar, so I made my way across the room.  I happened to notice a cute strawberry blonde sitting alone.  (Is this a pattern developing?)  I sat at the bar with three seats between us.  The ESPN game was Mets/Yankees and the Mets were winning.  I suddenly became a National League fan, figuring it was good to root for anyone BUT the Yankees. I kept glancing over at the woman to my left.   Again taking the “no guts, no glory” attitude, I asked her who she was rooting for?  She said she was a Red Sox fan, but she was rooting for the Mets.  Just to beat the Yankees.  My kind of woman.

The rest of the evening was a mixture of getting-to-know-you talk, off-the-wall humor, baseball chatter, and a healthy dose of inuendo.  She lobbed the first naughty line towards me, saying something about being good at being bad.  That was a bit obvious, but definitely a pitch to hit.  All this talk was tempered by an occassional lean-in, using the excuse of not hearing what she said.  Just to get close.  And she didn’t shy away.

Back and forth, all night.  Again I offered to walk her home since she had a few more drinks than I.  Before you think awful things about me, I was buzzed myself but had my wits about me.  We walked up the street and I kept looking for an opening to sneak in a kiss.  She said something about me being a nice guy, and that there was no way I would be bad.   Oh, really?  Seeing the large doorway coming up on her right side, I twirled her around to face me and planted a soft, but firm kiss.  She didn’t shy away.  She returned the kiss, actually.  She’s a great kisser with soft lips that made me melt. 

Two lonely hearts meet to find comfort.

This happened a couple times as we walked.  We’d stop in a doorway and make out a little.  I felt so giddy.  The last time we stopped kissing, she told me that we couldn’t go back to her place because of her roommates.  I could tell this could go further than it had.  I  told her that my place was the next block over, pointing down a one-way street.  She took my hand without hesitation and we walked to my place.

I am going to hold back the tasty bits out of respect of her.  Let’s just say that we didn’t get to sleep until almost 2:30am.

Can you see the big shit-eatting grin on my face?

I took her to the beach for a picnic dinner last night.  After a unusually hot day, the cool air of dusk felt good.  We talked and got to know each other.  I am trying so hard to take this slowly.  It doesn’t make it any easier that we had great sex only a few hours after meeting.  Putting that out of my head and slowing down won’t be easy, but will do my best

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8 Responses to Haven’t I Seen You In Here, Part Deux

  1. auntysocial says:

    That’s just bloody pornographic!

    Yay for you though!!! 🙂

  2. KS says:

    Good for you! But don’t fall too hard, too fast. Just enjoy the ride.

  3. megawfa79 says:

    Auntie! Pornographic? There’s no mention of T&A, slap and tickle, or offensive words or phrases. I hope you’re just yanking my chain.

  4. auntysocial says:

    Course I am ya daft plum!!

  5. Mary P says:

    YEAH ! ! ! I am so happy for you.

  6. Marge says:


  7. wb says:

    you’ve been over intellectualizing it. Stop looking for “it” and you will be overwhelmed with “it”

    keep looking and your hands will be your only friends.


    • megawfa79 says:

      Yeah, you’re right. I would rather not rely on my own two hands, but they’ll do for now. Thanks for the comment.

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