Table For One..Right This Way, Sir

It’s been a fun week in my neck of the woods.  I’ve nothing really to rant about, so I’ll get you caught up.

  • My dad made it through surgery with flying colors.  I am truly amazed by the advances of modern medicine.  The incision in his chest is, at best,  6 inches long.  Obviously, he’s wiped physically.  He’s also wiped emotionally.  When I dropped in to see him Thursday night, he said he was feeling overwhelmed by everything.  I suppose if I had the week he had, I’d be wiped, too.  It will take  awhile before he is back to his former self.
  • My sister came into town to help out with Mom.  She’s a hospice nurse.  Dropped everything at her job to come north.  Friday night, we took in a ballgame..local AA team in town and I found out she loves baseball.  Who knew?  We had fun catching up, having a couple of beers, and just enjoying each other’s company.
  • Oh, yeah…I’ve been in touch with My Love.  It seems that she has resigned her position and is moving south with her man.  New location, same job.  Not sure what to think, but the news made my insides start churning again.
  • Update on the girl I met in the sports bar:   not gonna happen.  I’ve been back there twice since meeting her, but she hasn’t showed.  I  was able to find some consolation:  one night there was  a trivia contest.  Most  people were playing on teams of  at least 4 people, with a maximum of six.  I played alone and placed sixth.  If it wasn’t for getting shut out in the third round, I would’ve won.  I think I’ve found something to occupy my Tuesday night.
  • My golf league started last week.  My oasis in the middle of the week.  I’m just glad to see familiar faces.  My goal:  shoot 45 or lower three weeks in a row.
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