Hmmmm…So Much Music, So Much Sand

Wow!  Compiling this list is much harder than I thought.  I am still paring down my choices.  Last night I went through my CD’s, trying to put a list together.  I kept asking myself,  “Self, what music can you not live without?”  I used that question to help me navigate through the genres and artists.  Should I balance out the choices?  Not too mellow, not too much rock…those were issues to consider.

I don’t want to leave anything out because there is so much good music.  Do I take Todd Rundgren’s “Something/Anything” and leave out “Pet Sounds” by the Beach Boys?  Which Beatles album do I choose?  Which do I want more:  “Court and Spark” by Joni Mitchell or “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” by Sarah McLachlan?

Stay tuned.  I’ll figure this out eventually.

In the meantime, thanks for the contributions from readers.  Some good stuff is being suggested.

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