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Let’s Do It Again…And Again

I have been playing catch-up with a friend in Germany.  I met her 31 years ago this month, and I recently found her on Facebook.  She is in a committed relationship and is the mother of a 7 year-old boy.  … Continue reading

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Work With Me, Baby

It’s amazing the things that occur when you step outside into the world. My intent was to walk up to the hospital and use the fax machine for some insurance documents.  I decided to bring along my camera, since I’m … Continue reading

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It Was Here A Minute Ago

Have you ever sat down to write after having a wonderful idea, later to find out that it’s departed into the mists? Guilty. I hate when that happens.  I sat down just now to elaborate on a terrific idea, only … Continue reading

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Can’t You See

Now is the time to see, with the eyes of age and wisdom, all the things I let pass me by as a younger man. I believe that I have become more reflective since watching “The Buddha” on public TV.  I … Continue reading

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Strike Two

I did something unexpected yesterday.  I was in the Man Cave, hunting through boxes and looking for some old photos, and I found The Box. The Box is where I put all the photos, notes, letters, cards and ephemera from … Continue reading

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The Envelope, Please

After much deliberation, racking of my brain, and needless anxiety, I have come up with a list of my Desert Island Discs.  My Daughter and I were on our way to visit her grandparents, and I brought up the idea … Continue reading

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Hmmmm…So Much Music, So Much Sand

Wow!  Compiling this list is much harder than I thought.  I am still paring down my choices.  Last night I went through my CD’s, trying to put a list together.  I kept asking myself,  “Self, what music can you not … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have 10 compact discs, which ones would you take with you? This is a game that my vinyl junkie friends and I used to play.  Back in the … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You How It Will Be…Taxman

I got my state tax refund today!  Thank you, Governor John.  Now, do something about fixing the job situation. Sorry.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah…tax refund. It’s another term for play money.  I know some people put the money away … Continue reading

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Eyes Up Here, Mister

I will most likely get myself into trouble with this post.  But I am not concerned. A couple posts back I wrote on the “topless parade” taking place in my fair city.  Since details were unavailable when I posted, allow … Continue reading

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