Wearing Of The Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

My favorite Irish lass, my friend in Minnesota, has flown the coop and is vacationing in Florida.  She’d better send a postcard.  I know she’s there to visit her mother, and not to celebrate an Irish holiday in a subtropical zone.  It wouldn’t be my choice of location.  No, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to spend a St. Patrick’s Day in Florida. 

Spring Break, maybe.  Christmas, definitely NOT.  New Year’s Eve, in Miami and not the Evil Kingdom.

I don’t get all excited about Saint Patrick’s Day.  I’m not Irish, although everyone is Irish on March 17.  Just my luck I’d make a huge fashion statement and wear Orange.  I’m not willing to take that chance.  Although it wouldn’t get too many folks here riled up.  If I were in Belfast or Derry, I wouldn’t make it out alive.

No, I don’t make a point to dress in green.  My workshirt is green, so I’m covered there.  No shamrocks, Irish Rovers singing “The Unicorn”, and no green beer.  I’ll take a Guinness.

I do have a Saint Patrick’s Day tradition.  Being a resident of Portland, the birthplace of one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, John Ford, I like screening one of his classics.  “The Quiet Man”, starring John Wayne, as a boxer running from his past, and the fiery Maureen O’Hara, as the Irish lass who captures his heart.  Some of the characters are sterotypical, like Michaeleen O’Flynn, played by Barry Fitzgerald.  He’s the drunken Irishman who sings beautifully.  In modern times, you have to recognize that this picture was made in 1952.  All the PC pundits weren’t raising a stink back then.  I take it for what it is:  a great story with colorful characters, and wonderful scenery.

That’s it.  It’ll be a nice, quiet evening at home, small and slow.  No drunken debauchery for me.  Maybe if this were a Friday or Saturday, I think I’d have a Guinness or three.  But no whisky.

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5 Responses to Wearing Of The Green

  1. Mary says:

    I think you have been dipping in the whisky. I am not in Florida, but I sure wish I was. ha ha.

    I did get a free Redbox code for free for St. Pattys. It’s not a pot of gold but at least it’s something.

    • megawfa79 says:

      I have a good friend from high school, who lives in Eden Prairie. She is visiting her mother in Florida. Besides, I’m a beer man, I don’t like hard liquor. Congrats on the Redbox thingy – good for a chick flick on a Friday night.

  2. People go a little crazy here – it’s ok … I kinda enjoy watching all the fools. It’s entertaining. I just don’t get it if your not Irish …

    I don’t like beer and like hard liquor …hmmm… interesting that!

  3. auntysocial says:

    I’m dying to hear about how Mum spent St Patrick’s Day in New York.

    She’s only just landed back on British soil so it will have to keep until tomorrow but she did text me the day after saying she attracted a small crowd of people in one pub, who were fascinated by the fact she was Irish.

    Why do they have such a thing about Irish folk?

  4. auntysocial says:

    Just read what I typed and realised that comment sounded ever so slightly “Irish” in itself!!

    Mum lived in Southern Ireland until she was in her early teens, moving to Britain later on.

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