I Can See You

You like to watch, don’t you?

Some people would call it being nosy, others would say inquisitive.  I’d say it’s voyeuristic.

We all like to watch.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a parade or an accident on the interstate, we all want to see what’s going on.  Some folks take it a bit further, walking on the darker side.  There is a fine line between the public and private.  There are some, myself included, who like to take walks at dusk and look in windows.  I’m not talking about resting our chin on the window sill and stare.  That’s just creepy.  I’d rather quickly glance or, if I can see that no one is watching me, I casually peer in from the sidewalk.  It’s a matter of interpretation and discretion.  An open window allows everyone to see in, but not everyone is looking for the same thing.  You are interested in what’s on the other side of that sheer curtain, no matter what your perspective.  It’s like walking though a museum gallery.  Every painting represents a window and you can look at what the artist presents you.  It’s up to the viewer to interpret what’s happening.  When I go walking in my favorite neighborhoods, there are some windows with no curtains, some with an opaque window dressing, and others draw the blinds tight.  I suppose it depends on how much they want the world to see, or how much they are willing to present.

When I go walking, there are a fair number of windows on the ground level, who welcome the casual viewer.  It reminds me of the Red Light district in Amerstam.  Some of the prostitutes sit in the window, usually in a mock-up living room with sofa, chairs, tables and lamps.  She lounges and waits for her next customer.  There aren’t any hookers on my walks.  The  rooms I glance into are well lit, offering a new scenario and characters.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), I happened to pass a lit window early in the morning.  I was walking from the parking lot of my building, up the driveway on the shaded side of the building.   I noticed a light on in the apartment below mine and saw my very attractive neighbor, standing close to the window, naked as the day is long.  I paused for a moment, hidden by the shadows, and marveled at her nubile flesh.  I doubt that she was aware of my presence and I never persued her.  The fact that I was married at the time prevented me from getting up close and personal.

Some of us watch the car behind us through the rearview mirror.  We see people talking on cellphone, solemn couples who appear ready to break into an agrument any time, and women putting on make-up while driving.  I like seeing drivers singing.  It’s a challenge determining what song they’re singing, or if they are singing with the radio or their own music.  People who sing in their cars are joyful drivers, belting out a tune, possibly off key, and oblivious to the world passing around them.  I usually see those folks on the interstate.  

I like to watch.  But I also take time to look around.  The world moves too quickly.  We humans are constantly on the move, rarely taking the time to stop and see our world.  That’s why I like to sit by the water.  The sound of the waves against the rocks comforts me and I feel reconnected with the world.  Time moves too quickly to ignore the world around us.  

Think slow, live slow….and look around

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1 Response to I Can See You

  1. auntysocial says:

    Good post. 🙂

    Yeah – I like people watching too. Before I learned to drive, I used to enjoy staring out of the window during a long bus journey and looking briefly into the lives and homes of total strangers. Not in a “weirdo-stalker” type way, just a polite, passing peek as I went.

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