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Change For A Twenty

Not much has been bumping around inside this middle-aged head.  One bit of advice I’ve read is that writers should carry around a small notebook or pad.  If they think of something during the day (or night) and can’t take … Continue reading

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Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand

I learned something about the human spirit yesterday.  I’m certain that challenges such as this are presented for a reason. I was in need of cash and pulled into the credit union to use the ATM.  As I parked my … Continue reading

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Odds And Sods

A little homage to The Who, a band that always sounds great at top volume..anywhere, anytime.  Here are some bits that have been rattling around this Middle-Aged Head: I’ve been streaming an oldies station from Los Angeles, KRTH-FM,  while at … Continue reading

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Wearing Of The Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. My favorite Irish lass, my friend in Minnesota, has flown the coop and is vacationing in Florida.  She’d better send a postcard.  I know she’s there to visit her mother, and not to celebrate an Irish … Continue reading

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How Do You Like Me Now?

I can see by the statistics that folks aren’t coming around like they used to. I’m not upset. I have been pleased that folks care and they check in to see how things are going.  Lately, I’ve discovered that my life has … Continue reading

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Small and Slow

I was recently on Facebook and began to ponder the status of a “friend”.  She was touting a fundraiser that night, a barband for Friday night, a native fruit, and posted pictures of her recent trip to Costa Rica. What, … Continue reading

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Step Outside And Look Around

I hung out with The Shrink today.  It was a very interesting session.  Sometimes I think I’ll have nothing to talk about and those are the times when I pull up something from the abyss.  We were back on the … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Feeling

Today feels weird.  That feeling started just after I checked my email No, I haven’t heard from My Love for awhile.  I probably won’t hear from her.  I opened my email and found alot of nothing.  Some Facebook junk, an … Continue reading

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I Can See You

You like to watch, don’t you? Some people would call it being nosy, others would say inquisitive.  I’d say it’s voyeuristic. We all like to watch.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a parade or an accident on the interstate, we all … Continue reading

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