Up In The Air, Then Crashing Down

Yesterday, I went to the movies with My Daughter.  I love the Daddy/Daughter Time.  We used to do things together when she was young.  Now it’s just when she has the time.  Her tastes in movies are quite different from mine.  She likes anything with Johnny Depp or Heath Ledger, anime, chick flicks, and anything based on a graphic novel.  It’s tough to figure her out sometimes.

We decided to see “Up In The Air”, the latest George Clooney movie.  I thought it was excellent.

It was also quite unnerving.

I found it unnerving on several fronts.  One, that it was about a man, Ryan,  whose profession is to fire people.  He comes in and fires employees of a company, whose boss hasn’t the cahones to do it himself.  It just seemed heartless.  I really felt for the people he fires.

Second, there was a point in the film where he meets Alex, another traveling professional. They become involved with one night stands in common locations where they are on business in the same place.  Over time they start scheduling time together.  He then finds himself making a deeper connection with this woman that he anticipates.  Eventually, he invites her to join him at his sister’s wedding.  It’s there that he discovers that his feelings go further than just the brief encounters they’ve enjoyed.  He shows her his high school and other meaningful locations of his youth.  He opens up to her and takes chances with his heart.  He discovers that he wants something more.  They part and she goes home to Chicago.  On a whim, he decides to take a detour and visit her.  You can sense his excitement when he pulls the rental car up  to her front door.  Ringing the bell, he steps back and waits for the door to open.  When she greets him at the door with a somberly shocked expression, he also sees her children heading upstairs and hears her husband behind the door, asking who it was.  You can see his face, crestfallen as his whole world comes crashing down upon him.  He put himself out there, and took a risk with his heart, only to have it broken.

Been there, done that.

The third unnerving part of that movie was a comment made by the female lead, Alex.  She is giving a young colleague of Ryan advice about what to look for in a man.  Her view is to find someone who definitely makes more money than she does.  I realize that this is a fictional character, and that there is no basis of reality.  Considering recent events, I found it quite timely.  I found it…encouraging?  I mean, is this the prevailing attitude of over-40 females?  Is there prime objective to find the guy with the good salary, so that they can spend their golden years in comfort?  Or are women just trying to weed out the losers, guys with great credentials but coming up short in the financial department.  I know they just want to be taken care of, but

All three of these issues really hit me hard.  Is this what the rest of my adult life will be like, trying to meet someone else’s expectations?  I’m having a difficult time with my own.  This is a raw nerve for me, at the moment.  I could use a confidence booster.

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1 Response to Up In The Air, Then Crashing Down

  1. Marge says:

    you never give yourself enough credit
    do you really want to be with a woman who looks at your income as part of the attraction?
    who thinks of you only as how much money you make???
    do you really think all women are that shallow?

    one day when you aren’t even looking, the woman you are meant to be with will walk into your life.
    trust in yourself and believe in yourself.
    women like confident men, and you need to believe in yourself before anyone else will.

    Hang in there, it will happen.

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