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All The Leaves Are Brown

I am feeling MUCH better today.  I could’ve slept a few hours more than I did, but there’s this thing called work.  You have to do it to earn money.  You then take that money and buy things and pay … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

I want to take care of some housekeeping today.  There’s stuff I want to write about but really don’t want to go into great detail. Except one. My Love has been reading my blog. No, really.  This time she has … Continue reading

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Up Where The Air Is Clear

Look up. I constantly remind myself to stop and look up.  We all miss a lot of good stuff by staying at ground level.  All the interesting stuff is up there above the ground.  We can see things that are … Continue reading

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Leave Me Alone Already

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). That song has the ability to stop me dead in my tracks and trigger a “highlight reel” of memories, all of which make me smile and causes my stomach to churn.  If … Continue reading

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How Can You Have It If you Don’t Know What It Is?

Find your bliss. Sounds like something I’d read on the inside of a Dove chocolate wrapper. But if I don’t know what it is, how do I find it and would I know it when it pops up.  According to, bliss is defined … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar Some More

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to see “It Might Get Loud”, a documentary that any fan of rock n roll should see. The subjects are Jimmy Page, the Edge from U2, and Jack White of White Stripes/Raconteurs. Wow! The … Continue reading

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Sharp Dressed Man

I am wearing “the Boyfriend Sweater” today. I had never heard to the term until I was dating My Love.  She had bought me a maroon sweater from JC Penney.  The purpose of the sweater was to retain my smell, … Continue reading

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It Ain’t What It Used To Be

Here’s a quickie… While driving to the library, I saw a gorgeous late 20’s Ford Model A.  Not built for speed, however, as it slowly made it’s way up the hill on State Street.  Black, well-cared for and full of … Continue reading

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This Word Shall Not Be Spoken

My Son and I are watching the Patroits game Sunday afternoon and I was apalled.  It had nothing to do with the play on the field, nothing to do with a comment made by the broadcasters.  It was what was … Continue reading

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Too Good To Be Wasted

It is a gray, cold morning in my neck of the woods.   I stood on the loading dock at work and looked out over the scrubby landscape, the young birch and ash trees ablaze in yellow and orange. The cold air … Continue reading

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