A Better Way To Start The Day

I know I am coming out of my latest funk when I want to start cooking.

Last night, while coming home from the library, I had a Cosmic Dope Slap moment.  I got the idea that since it was my day off, I should make myself blueberry pancakes.  It was a good thing becaue I had berries in my freezer that needed to be eaten.  So after the meeting with my son’s teachers, I came home and put a batter together.  I like to use a splash, OK maybe a large splash, of vanilla in the batter.  Because I was cooking for just one, I had to cut the recipe in half.  Otherwise I’d be eating pancakes for the next three mornings.  There was some leftover maple syrup (the real stuff)in the fridge,  and it was just enough for what I wanted.


When my relationship with My Love ended, I lost the desire to cook. I was sustained by pizza and takeout. One would think that having food as a comfort, but I didn’t have the desire to put dished together.  Now I’ll cook when my kids come over, and for myself when I want a good meal.  What I have discovered is it’s good therapy for me.  I enjoy putting simple ingredients together to make something satisfying. 

I watched LA Confidential last night.  It seems that the majority of the movies I’m screening lately are films that I’ve always wanted to see, but they didn’t appeal to The Ex-.  Last week it was “Like Water For Chocolate” – a very powerful, sensual film with alot of symbolism.  Also “Waiting For Guffman” and “Boogie Nights”. 

I did have a Pina Colada moment with The Ex- during last week’s conversation.  A Pina Colada moment refers to the song by Rupert Homes, where the couple discovers things about the other they didn’t know.  I didn’t know she liked Hitchcock movies and some film noir. 

The things one discovers AFTER a divorce.

Things with my Jetta aren’t all beer and skittles.  Last week was the good news when I found out that the loan was paid off.  Now I need to have rear brakes replaced.  It’s always somethingIt only has 125,ooo miles on it, so it’s barely broken in.  I am hoping to finish the repairs before my vacation next week.  I don’t like the idea of hanging around my apartment all week.

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1 Response to A Better Way To Start The Day

  1. maggiemsp says:

    vacation?! Where are you going?
    Some place neat I hope?

    As for anyone telling you what to write, WHO has that right?
    No one but you

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