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The Sounds of…..

Awhile back, I posted my opinions about cellphones being the new security blanket. Check that.  Make it iPods are the new security blanket.  You can tell who’s tuned out.  It’s the white cord from the ear buds draped across the chest.  … Continue reading

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Down With Old Old Folks At Home

It’s so strange, returning from vacation and feeling like you’ve been absent forever. I just wanted to do a quickie, but I have some interesting stories to tell over the next few days.  The Jetta continues to perplex me.  I … Continue reading

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I’m Outta Here

I’m on VACATION!!!! This is my favorite time of year to get away.  All the tourists have gone home, so I won’t be fighting crowds.  I hope to get some time in on my bike.  But I could change my … Continue reading

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Just Ask The Rock and Roll Doctor’s Advice

You gotta have tunes!  Ever since college, I have been passionate about music.  Actually, I’ve been passionate about music from my infancy.  My mother used to play Johnny Mathis records while doing housework.  I distinctly being in my playpen and … Continue reading

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Impossible Things Are Happening Every Day

Possibilities Yesterday, I attended a 4-hour workshop on “Bringing The Best Out of People”.  I was one of two employees that didn’t have managerial experience.  But what I came away with was some extraordinary insight.  The highlight of the workshop … Continue reading

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A Better Way To Start The Day

I know I am coming out of my latest funk when I want to start cooking. Last night, while coming home from the library, I had a Cosmic Dope Slap moment.  I got the idea that since it was my … Continue reading

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I just came out of my hole. The majority of the day was spent in My Hole In The Ground (a.k.a. my apartment).  Woke up at 6am – on my day off.  Whatever happened to sleeping in? I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Hands Across The Water

I love the fact that this blog is getting hits from the UK. I do not like hot weather.  I much prefer cooler, milder temperatures.  If given the opportunity to live anywhere other than New England, I would say either … Continue reading

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All The Kings Horses…

That was quite the bomb that was dropped on me yesterday.  It actually ruined my mood for the entire day.  Yes, I know..I am the one that’s in control, and I am the one that can make changes so my … Continue reading

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It’s A Great Way To Start Your Day

Talk about a bombshell! I open my email before work and there’s a forward from my Facebook page.  It’s from My Love’s housemate.  I had chatted with her on Facebook a couple weeks ago.  Not sure what she had to … Continue reading

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