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Forward into the past

I had this feeling of liberation come over me yesterday. In my work, I have a lot of time to be alone, which means my mind wanders.  It used to be I would dwell on the little stuff,  stuff that … Continue reading

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I hear you, but I’m not listening

I will rarely use this forum for ranting on my ex-wife.  For the most part, we have agreed to be pleasant to each other.  I don’t expect her to come chatting to me about her social life, but I would … Continue reading

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Coming Attractons

I picked up the latest batch of classic movies from the library. This week, we get suspense, intrigue and mystery.  I took out “Laura” with Jean Tierney and Dana Andrews, “The Third Man” with Orson Welles, and another Hitchcock classic “The … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

I live in a state that people want to visit in the summer.  They want to camp by a lake and enjoy the calm quiet, interrupted only by a passing jet ski or motor boat.  They want to rent a … Continue reading

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Soft Like a Summer Breeze

Now that I have both feet firmly planted in “Single Land”, I can take my favorite pasttime to another level. Observing the human condition. No, this is not a Mutual of Omaha episode, where Marlin Perkins takes us to deepest, … Continue reading

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Highlights from last week’s show

When we last left our hero, he’d been bound and left to die on the railroad tracks… Wait, this isn’t that silent film project I started in college. Start again. Let’s update the personal life, shall we?  I believe we … Continue reading

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Would someone kill the rooster, please?

I was given an unexpected gift this morning.  For some strange reason, my body left its own wakeup call for 5am, instead of waking with the alarm at 6am.  As I lay there, wrapped in untucked sheets and comforter, I … Continue reading

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Mid-July and it’s the Open Championship!!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  I have a handful.  It starts in April, with the playing of The Masters.  Then the US Open on Father’s Day weekend. Finally, my absolute favorite:  the Open Championship.  Here in … Continue reading

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Are car repairs covered under Murphy’s Law?

To answer my own question, hell yeah.  Whatever could go wrong with my car, has gone wrong.  I own a 1997 VW Jetta.  I love VW’s. My granfather owned a ’64 with a sunroof that was hand-cranked.  My siblings and I used to … Continue reading

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An open letter to The Woman Who Broke My Heart

  To the woman who broke my heart: The sole purpose of this letter is to say the things that I either didn’t have the cohones to say or the things I forgot to say.  I am using this method … Continue reading

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