Monthly Archives: October 2007

All is Right in Red Sox Nation

If a Red Sox fan needs a reason to rejoice, it would be any time the Yankees take the gas pipe and cough up a loss. First, let me say this: I do not hate the Yankees. My Dad is … Continue reading

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A Quiet Evening At Home

My roommate is out for the night, so I am enjoying a quiet night at home. But I’m not sure about how quiet it will stay because I’m watching Game 1 of the ALDS with the Red Sox and California/Anaheim/ … Continue reading

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It Takes a Licking and Keeps On Ticking

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America, I am still here and trying to wade through the muck. It’s been awhile, and I realize that if one is going to blog, regular posts are mandatory. The only thing that’s holding me back … Continue reading

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