Stranger in a Strange Land

I am now the Perpetual Guest.  I am living in someone else’s home, somewhere in limbo.  I know that my legal address is still 40 Herford Avenue, but it’s not my home anymore.  My name is on the deed, the notice from the tax collector, and all the bills but I do not occupy the building.  If he pictures on the wall were to fade, would I cease to exsist?  You know, like Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future”.   

It’s also been three days since I’ve seen my children.  I am most concerned with my daughter, who is angry at both her mother and I.  Will she let this burden  remain on her shoulders the rest of her life?  How will these events play in her life in 10-15 years?  Will she turn out like me?  My son is alright, but is he really?  Will he establish his own identity?  Will he live at home to be his mother’s protector?  Will he turn hard and keep his emotions in check and not be able to trust anyone? 

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