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Red Sox reaction..are we slipping?

Growing up in New England and reading the Boston newspapers gave a unique insight into the sports psyche of the region.  Although we have a successful franchise, won a World Series (and loaded to win many others) and have a … Continue reading

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A (sports) mind is a terrible thing to waste

I got a kick out of the two responses I recieved reacting to my Curt Schilling rants.  What killed me was the lack of specifics.  Some of you guys are listening to too much sports talk radio.  I hear more … Continue reading

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When you’re driving through Hell….

Here we go again!  I have moved into my rented room and, luckily for me, was alone for the first night. I wasn’t hungry, but I did eat takeout Chinese, all the while sitting and watching the Travel Channel somewhat dispondantly.  Then, … Continue reading

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Where were you when the world stood still?

I have separated from my wife.  Just the fact that I can write that sentence without breaking down and crying is an accomplishment. It’s a long drawn-out, convoluted situation that lacks a clear explanation.  In a nutshell, my wife is … Continue reading

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Schilling taking some

Gee, Curt Schilling goes out with a bum shoulder, and the boo birds come out.  I do find it interesting that he’s been put on an unofficial gag order.  He initially comes out in public, disagreeing with managment’s decision to … Continue reading

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