Early morning cooking (or burning)

Getting up early on a Saturday when you don’t have to sucks.  It’s one thing to do it on Sunday, my day off.  But my supervisor gave me Satuday off if I’d work on Monday.  Cool, we have to go to a graduation party in New Hampshire, so that make that easy.  But I thought that I could, at least, fool my body into additional states of slumber.  Naw, too easy. 

Instead, I decide to cook.  Good choice because no one will get under foot or take you away from the kitchen.  My friend, Darren had turned me on to a cooking magazine that was all about cooking and no glossy adverts.  Great recipes, advice on techniques and product reviews…it’s the best.  I haven’t subscribed, yet so I took advantage of a 14-day trial on-line subscription, just so I can get at the recipes.  Just looking over the index made my mouth water.  The diversity of recipes is amazing.  I decided to try some blueberry scones.  As I write this, I haven’t tried them.  Am I a coward? Maybe.  I let them cook a little to long because they are a bit burned along the edges.  I really enjoy cooking.  Once you get a technique down, it’s all very simple.  The finished dishes generate a great deal of  personal satisfaction; I like watching people enjoy what I cook.  I am not the best at managing the kitchen.  Cooking multiple dishes at the same time gets hectic when you have a limited amount of counter space. I do try to wash dishes as I go so I don’t have a huge stack of pots and pans at the end.  Maybe I should try the scones.  Wish me luck.

Later on…not bad.  I think I left them in too long because, as I mentioned earlier, they were a bit burned on the bottom.  But there were light and moist.  The recipe called for sour sream and that made the difference.  A success..YEAH!  It’s always good when the dish comes out the way the recipe says.  Just the flavor makes the difference.

The thing that makes this so good is that it’s a shot for my confidence.  It’s been a good week.  No crisis at work, I shot a good shot at Wednesday golf league, and the success in the kitchen. 

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