Turn back the hands of time…musically

It’s amazing what you can recall when you hear music.  It’s been said that music evokes the strongest emotional responses because of their associated memories.  Whenever I hear Christina Aguilliera’s “Ain’t Nobody But You”, that saucy bit of James Brown funk, I recall my son’s last year of Little League and the qualifying rounds of the Little League World Series. That song happened to be on the radio after a dramatic first round win.  I liked it because of the intermittent horn blasts.  The kids liked it because it was popular.  But I can recall the hot July afternoons and early evenings, sitting on aluminium bleachers, yelling and screaming and shaking cowbells with the other parents.  Alas, they were eliminated by the team from Yarmouth, who would be eliminaed in the New England regional tournament. But that memory seems to be stronger than any photograph or video footage. Every so often, I’ve decided to ponder on the bits and pieces of music that create those strong emotions.  I like reflecting on those memories.  Those bits coming soon. 

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